Werkstatt @ ilovepop, Köln, November 23rd

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Werkstatt @ ilovepop, Köln, November 23rd

Post by humphrey » 18 Nov 2012 21:19

Friday November 23rd

Köln - Werkstatt @ ilovepop

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Post by Robbie Williams » 25 Nov 2012 14:38

I wasn't at this one, but found this review and setlist. Shame it's in German as I can't understand a word of it!

http://meinzuhausemeinblog.blogspot.fr/ ... 31112.html

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Post by peterdwyer » 26 Nov 2012 10:17

Dodgy Google translate here...
This is quality reading!

The Frank and Walters & The Cribs, Cologne, 23.11.12
Wrote here - Christoph

Concert: The Frank and Walters / The Cribs
Location: The workshop, Cologne
Date: 23.11.2012
Duration: about 50 min or about 60
Attendance: about 200

by Dirk of plates in court

When I wrote to a friend that we would not go with my girlfriend to the concert of Frank and Walters, because it keeps the band for a one-hit wonder, he said: "Too bad that you've separated yourself from it. (I gather at least between the lines of your mail ...) "

separations were due to musical differences there at The Frank and Walters, even if the trio in 20 years took place on three alternating the position of the guitarist. Said friend is the musical importance of band classify much better than my friend - I have been suppressed again an eye - and was (see back in 1993 with the Great Xpectations festival in London's Finsbury Park to The Frank and Walters even if we believe it could be that we do because of his take your favorite band The Cure there would).

appears in Cologne to give it to people who are the Britpop as fond as we are and in the workshop "The Gipfeltteffen the good mood" with two live bands (The Frank and Walters and The Cribs) organized. And so entered by 23 clock, after an hour of music by The Charlatans and The Stone Roses, Paul Linehan (vocals, bass), Ashley Keating (drums) and Rory Murphy (guitar) on stage. They were dressed in uniform with pants, suspenders, orange shirt and dark tie. They opened their set, which we knew beforehand that it should not even take an hour, with "Trust In The Future" from the album "Greenwich Mean Time" . Concerns that the older titles would cut back in favor of the latest plate were quickly dispelled, as it was followed by "John And Sue" and "Fashion Crisis Hits New York" from their debut album "Trains, Boats And Planes" which (if only 5 single Hits which esteemed friend!).

While Rory Murphy, who joined the band in 2010, in the course of the show remained silent, himself (and the audience) Paul Linehan and Ashley Keating talked in the first half of the concert again most excellent. Thus we learned that Keating for the first time in over 20 years of background, since the drums of Cribs was already built, could move up front and "godlike" felt. Linehan "thanked" for passive smoking, as this would his voice during the evening deepened, what we got in the Rod Stewart / Tom Jones-style or a taste. And before the song "Berlin" who had traveled specially for this concert Irish slimmest nor the former capital Bonn and they were familiar rivalry between Cologne and neighboring Dusseldorf and Leverkusen. But eventually they seemed to notice that, when all the talk never their setlist would in time before the next band, which was to begin at 24:00 clock, have been done and so - I'll have to keep harping on it - a true Hitfeuerwerk ("Indie Love Song", "After All", "Colours", "This Is Not A Song ") burned.

between she gave yet, nobody reckoned previously could, "The Model" by Kraftwerk in typical Frank and Walters-Marnier on top, leaving then what could that firmly, and her short trademark song " . hear We Are The Frank And Walters "After a 50-minute final was nostalgic and you could go home happy.

setlist The Frank and Walters, workshop, Cologne:

01: Trust In The Future
02: John And Sue
03: Fashion Crisis Hits New York
04: Each Tree
05: Berlin
06: Little Dolls
07: That's Life
08: Indie Love Song
09: The Model (Kraftwerk cover)
10: We Are The Frank And Walters
11: Walter's Trip
12: After All
13: Colours
14: This Is Not A Song

One would happy to go home, but the chronicler duty stopped us on the spot. Previously, The Frank And Walters one opening band called Radiohead ( here 's proof) and that evening express an Nachband called The Cribs that the remaining audience with their blend of garage rock and punk rock gave proper one for your ears.

Besides the setlist is to announced that The Cribs are superstitious obvious because on the setlist "Be Safe" was (with video recording) not as the 13th song, but as "12a" and noted that in addition to the three Jarman brothers a fourth musician with guitar on the stage was, however, who had to keep hidden in the farthest corner. If they had kept it with Johnny Marr, as well, it's clear why he only briefly (2008 - 2011) had joined the band. Ross Jarman played the drums and he can not just sitting but standing, either on his stool or the drums themselves, the twins Gary and Ryan handled bass and guitar and sang as well as he went and cried what vocal cords and lungs hergaben with Ryan bribed by a 1a-Playmobil hairstyle.

Ultimately could the organizers for a great, extremely cheap (12, - €) be grateful evening concert. But why me one of them has at the merchandise stand out that "Greenwich Mean Time" the new album by Frank And Walters is? Knows even my girlfriend! They finally declared no Irishman who is St. Patrick!

The setlist Cribs, Wektstatt, Cologne:

01: Come On Be A No-One
02: Our Bovine Public
03: I'm A Realist
04: We Share The Same Skies
05: Glitters Like Gold
06: Jaded Youth
07: You Were Always The One
08: Cheat On Me
09: Bolthole
10: Mirror Kissers
11: Anna
12: Another Numbers
13: Be Safe
14: Hey Scenesters
15: Mens Needs
16: City Of Bugs

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Found these little beauties!

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