Frank And Walters Lyrics
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Post by humphrey » 09 Aug 2011 20:06

Humphrey becomes they, of the fame the things they say
he was gonna plan all the lives of modern man
he knew the sound of the perfect heartbeat
he knew it all when they made him top chief
they he don't know how he got up the top 'cause he's a balmpot

Humphrey said it's time for the world to study mime
then he had a taught that the world should never talk
he said get up spread your arms out wider
why don't you glide without using gliders
I've done it twice from the highest rooftop I'm a balmpot

And now that he's they he's got the right
to tell us how long to sleep at night
he'll have us pay tax on tory tops
and give a Rolls Royce to tiny tots
and free samples when you buy....

They say M*A*S*H is nice, and I've tried it once or twice
I still don't like that show it can't teach me what I know
do you believe in the things that they say
do they apply to us all the same way
you better watch out 'cause you know that they just might be Humphrey