The World Carries On

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The World Carries On

Post by humphrey » 09 Aug 2011 20:06

There's a place that I go
There's a tree a swan and I know
That the darkest surround him
Since they took his wife and children
And my friends were there in the old days
Ah but now they've gone their own ways
And the swan waits for his children

And the world carries on
And the visitors come with their bags
And their colourful rags
And the only thing that will remain is
A big tree and a love swan
When we finally give in hope we meet in heaven

And lazy days, in summer haze
We'd laugh beneath that big tree's gaze
Having made our own new tunes we'd
Climple fridle tidle vroom *

(* ?????? the ravages of time have obscured this line something, i think it's correct but don't know what it means unfortunately - Ashley K)