Frank And Walters Lyrics
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Post by humphrey » 09 Aug 2011 20:03

I can see the lights go changing 'cross the whole world
I can see the fireworks glow and though i know it's wrong and I've been here too long something won't let me go

Someone turn the lights out tell me how to get out tell me what I need to know 'cause I'm just going 'round and though I'm half way down I just can't leave the show

Time swirls around taste turns to sound your safe and warm and I'm knowing that I'm slowing and I'm owing but I'm going I need some kinda' restraint in my life because I've spent too much and way out of line and I've been 15 years of asking Heaven knows Heaven knows

I can feel my hands shake I can feel my mind ache tell me what I'm doing here I know i should be home can't bear to be alone I just can't lose the fear

I've been up here with this cauldron inside and now I just can't sleep and it's quarter to five and I've been down this way for too long Heaven knows whether I can live in these times of half witted knowabouts confident sureabouts I need redemption I need exemption

I'll be lonely don't try to phone me 'cause I've decided to stay inside don't want the fast gain I'll take the slow lane I've felt the cold rain too many times...