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Re: The Last Broadcast

Post by dogmanstar » 28 Sep 2005 09:22

Didnt manage to catch it last night but recorded it and grabbed a quick peek this morning at bout half 6 before the daily grind of commuter life!
The TOTP story on the bike was hilarious...thought it was going nowhere at one stage...but then Ash pops in with the Crosshaven comment...brilliant.
Poor old Kevin was just sittin there stone faced though...I guess you just cant be taught the Blarney!!
Nice acoustic version of After All and haven't seen the Colours video in donkeys.
Dunno if they're on it again after the acoustic bit but, God love us, if he gives Turn and Mondo Band 5 minutes The Franks deserve a half hour at least...Turn, I ask ya!!

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Post by KEEFFA » 28 Sep 2005 10:26

We'll be uploading the Franks on the last brodcast on the site tonight, check the videos section, or the link will be posted here.

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Post by tonycochrane » 28 Sep 2005 11:37

Quality stuff, although i was hopin we'd get some new stuff.

Joseph Finbarr McSweeney
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Post by Joseph Finbarr McSweeney » 29 Sep 2005 16:44

Yeah-Only got around to watching it yesterday. feckin' brilliant as usual. I loved the Sir Henry's comment from Ashley. Brilliant like. I wish they played the new tune though as well.

Did anyone catch the Rags video on the show as well by the by? Sounded good-A video takin' the piss out of half of the Irish music scene didn't exactly turn me against them either.