F&W CD Singles & Souvenirs Disc 3

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F&W CD Singles & Souvenirs Disc 3

Post by alanmc427 » 05 Feb 2013 15:22

I've been collecting F&W CDs over the years, but have some gaps in my collection.

Has anyone any idea where I can track down Souvenirs Disc 3?

Also on eBay, last year I think, someone was auctioning a 'Summer Collection' of promo CD singles from the band (they were all internet release CDs - 'The Parson', 'Let It Out', 'The Clock' & 'Song For A Future Love' (I think!) but someone must have gotten hold of promos).

I missed out on the auction, but would dearly love to track these CDs down.

I still like CDs and downloads aren't my thing, though my daughter thinks I'm a dinosaur!

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Re: F&W CD Singles & Souvenirs Disc 3

Post by Sig » 06 Feb 2013 11:30

Hello Alan..welcome aboard

part 3 of Souvenirs (tricky enough word to spell) was originally a download only, password came with the double physical Souvenirs (much easier the 2nd time around) disc. Ash was selling the 4 season party packs surely. He's about the forum fairly often and I'm sure will pick this up and get you sorted. I received a physical copy of disc 3 of Souvenirs (easy) bundled with the 4 x seasonal party pack..so hopefully you will get all you need.

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