Dream Gig.

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Dream Gig.

Post by peterdwyer » 16 Dec 2012 09:48

The Savoy. Christmas Gig 2012
This is the way I see it panning out!

DJ has warmed us up with a few Cork classics. Give him a ball (Sultans), William (Emperor of Ice Cream) and the like.
Paul and Ash walk on to a massive cheer and get settled in. Pause.

Niall Linehan walks on stage, one hand raised (Alan Shearer like!). Picks up his signature guitar and blasts off After All (have debated this a bit internally but it would make the biggest crowd impact)
One song. Walks off.

Rory and Cian enter stage left- we get the remainder of Trains, Boats And Planes
+ a few classics from the decades. I have listed a few here but it could be any combo you want!
Pathways, New York, guilty, How Can I exist, Tony Cochrane, indie love song, time we said goodnight, landslide, castaway, paradise, fight
The Clock, 20 years, Michael, Funky Cold Medina.

Dream Gig.

Whatever ways it pans out, I can't wait.

Robbie Williams
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Re: Dream Gig.

Post by Robbie Williams » 20 Dec 2012 19:02

Set list requests for the Savoy..... I have one only.......20 Years!

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Re: Dream Gig.

Post by Corkfan » 20 Dec 2012 20:40

Time we said Goodnight


Looking for America

20 Years - this has to be the night for it!!!

can't wait also

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Re: Dream Gig.

Post by Sig » 20 Dec 2012 20:45

i concur Sir Robert, 20 years + you asked me / fight / pathways / Can't Take Too Much Notice :wink:

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