Woman, aha, you've lost
all your love for man
Woman aha, I completely understand
'Cause you are the sanest one
And I'm not that strong

Woman, aha, I got tempted
by the night
Woman, aha, please don't
hide your self inside
Cause you're too beautiful and
don't deserve this wrong

Don't you waste your time
On thinking that a man's
not worth your while
And thinking that this
world has let you down
When you give in
And you would fall back down
And break again

Woman, aha, I can't
hardly understand
Woman, aha, Why you're
acting like a man?
When you are the kindest one and
man is not that strong

Stop wasting all your time
You still can change your mind
You must forgive or
you might hate all men
Never love again
You might end up cold,
young and acting old