Slow It Down
Slow it down
While the world is turning
Turning upside down
And around and around
Take it slow
We should take it easy
By a seaside doc
With the worlds slowest clock

In the San Antonia night heat
You were dancing with flowers in your hair
In a San Antonia heartbeat
I'd be there

I love you it's clear to see
We give each other energy
We kiss each other softly in the moonlight
We're not gonna move too fast
You know were gonna make it last
A love like this comes once in a lifetime

Drift away to a desert island
Where the pace is slow
To an old lemon grove
Life is long
It is so much longer than we'll ever know
We should just take it slow

It's the way that
You make me laugh
When you smile like you do
You bring sunshine into my heart
With your brown eyes so true

Slow it down
Slow it down
Slow it down