O2 Academy Brixton - Sat 22 Nov 14

O2 Academy Brixton - Sat 22 Nov 14

27 Oct 2014 20:27

O2 Academy Brixton
Sat 22 Nov 14
Door time: 6.30pm
Show time: TBC

Supporting Carter USM

Carter USM's last ever show! ever!

Re: O2 Academy Brixton - Sat 22 Nov 14

28 Oct 2014 13:31

The Best Final Carter show ....ever! Sounds like this is really the last one

The Sat over through could be a long (in a good way) :D one...Ire v Aus in the international rules at 11am. Ire v Aus in the rugby at 4, then the pre show party in Jamm all before the gig. Be afraid......

Re: O2 Academy Brixton - Sat 22 Nov 14

25 Nov 2014 12:34

The dust has settled, the nerve endings have stopped twitching and the body has been rehydrated. What an absolutely brilliant weekend. Two amazing venues. The Empire is an old school theatre with a compact ground level (where we congragated) and a few seated levels above. 35 minute setlist included Plenty Times, Indie Love Song, How Can I Exist, After All, This Is Not A Song. Rory joined Carter on stage a the Empire (put the video up on Facebook over the weekend. The Sat set included Trust In The Future (thanks to a few subtle hints from Robbie) and a rousing rendition of The Model. The Brixton Academy (first time there) is hands down the best venue I've ever set foot in. We managed to get in to a completely empty Academy just as the doors opened through a wee sneaky side door.
Was great to meet with Lady Donna-ton and a load of other wonderful folk. Cillian Murphy was there on the Franks guestlist. We were treated like kings the entire weekend by the guys. Huge thanks to the lads for that. Always appreciated. The Franks are quite rightly lauded by indie music lovers all over the UK.

We stayed in hostels both nights to keep costs down. They can be very hit and miss. Funny wee story from Saturday nights hostel in Brixton. I hit the wall around 1am and headed back via a takeway joint. As you do when the beer is in, I ordered enough food for 3 people. Anyways, arrived back, headed up to the room and setup up my feasting camp in a wee communal table in the centre of the 10 bed dorm. The room consisted of 5 bunks, our group had 5 of the beds, 4 beds were being used by similar aged men who all seemed to be staying there on long leases whilst earning a pound. The 10th occupant was a man in his 90's. The critter was pretty ancient. It was just himself and me in the dorm when I arrived back. As I sat, with my back to him to eat, I could feel his presence behind me. The room was fairly small so there wasnt much room to move. I knew he was still behind me but hadnt heard any kind of movement from the guy. I ate solidly for about 15 mins, nearly afraid to look around incase he was, well, no longer with us. I fanilly had a look around and Kenny (the old guys moniker) was still on the 1st rung of the wee ladder up to the top bunk! I kid you not, they had given a 90 something man the top bunk. I laughed, not at Kenny, but the situation. He was in boxers and a white string vest. I stood up, went over and put my shoulder under his backside and pushed him onto the bed where he stayed on his hands and knees for a further 10 mins before gambling and falling to the side, in the hope he wouldnt topple on over and land on the floor! It was a one wee surreal moment in a weekend of surreal moments.

Long live the Frank and Walters !

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26 Nov 2014 21:13

Wise words Sigster!

You're right, top top weekend all round, one minute VIP bars and champagne, next minute dingy dorm in a hostel!

There was a lot of love for The Franks on both nights from the sold out crowds, think the lads were more relaxed on Fri at the Bush, but it's not everyday you get to play Brixton Academy, hopefully the new album goes platinum and the lads can headline a sold out Academy!! That would be something....

Re: O2 Academy Brixton - Sat 22 Nov 14

28 Nov 2014 11:26

Yep yep, top weekend indeed! Huge thanks to the all the guys (that inch Sig and Robbie too!) for being part of an awesome weekend.
So, did anyone catch sight of Mr.Murphy (the other one that is, not Rory!) at the aftershow on Saturday?

Rory looked like he was LOVING it on Friday! Must have been quite a buzz playing to so many folks... :D

We can do it all again at Minehead next year - that really will be a full weekend... at least you get proper beds ;) (I'm still gathering enough people together to get a chalet, but I think it'll happen!) ... Your story is pretty :O Sig! Poor bloke!!

I ended up with nasty cough/cold from my cheapo journey back :(
And the Mary Chain on Sunday night were brilliant too, so rounded off one of the best weekends I've had this year! :D