Borderline London November 30th

Re: Borderline London November 30th

23 Nov 2013 22:56

Thanks Robbie.
I guess that just life gets in the way sometimes.
Have not seen the franks since brighton years ago on the seafront place.
Not the zap club.Radio zap remember that you could hear it in france they said .
Other place up by the basketball courts.
something always rear it ugly head.
hoping to be there It's my birthday aswell well day before.
I do my best.

Re: Borderline London November 30th

25 Nov 2013 11:24

any idea of stage times for the gig... or a pub before hand?

We will be out and about all day, so it could be a dangerous day!

Re: Borderline London November 30th

25 Nov 2013 22:36

From previous times being in the borderline.
The price of your drinks went up by the hour,Or as the night went on,So if you got in early they sold large pitcher of beer priced ok, and then they seeming pricey or maybe I drunk to much by the end of the night and you could stay on for the club night after the show.Bit of a blur really.
Could be all different now.
I am getting old now.

Re: Borderline London November 30th

25 Nov 2013 22:43

I see there two support act was well
the would be's
paper beat scissors.

Re: Borderline London November 30th

27 Nov 2013 15:24

Plenty of good pubs nearby, and plenty of bad ones too.
I recommend the blue posts (5/10 minute walk, just off oxford street). its a good sam smiths pub, so good and cheap.
Also the Angel is much closer and also a Sam smiths, but is quite small.

Big wetherspoons nearby also if you like curry from a bag and a carling.

Re: Borderline London November 30th

29 Nov 2013 21:13

Looking forward to seeing everyone down the front tomorrow!

Re: Borderline London November 30th

01 Dec 2013 20:07

As usual The franks did not disappoint! Following an afternoon on the beers in covent garden it was great to get to the venue in time to see The Would be's and also to see lots of familiar faces in the crowd. Fair play to all those who came over from Cork including Simon and Peter. Couple of the usual attendees could not make this gig(you know who you are and you were missed down in the mush pit!).

18 songs on the set-list (see franks facebook page for full setlist) encore of Time we said good night and Tony Cochrane finished 10 mins AFTER the curfew so well done lads for squeezing a couple of extra tunes in.

The lads continue to have a strong Irish and British following in London and it was great to see the merch stall mobbed after the gig!

Bring on 2014 with plenty more gigs hopefully in the pipeline!

Re: Borderline London November 30th

02 Dec 2013 10:46

Great gig... The boys were on fire!
We had a hell of a day beforehand, lucky to get to the gig at all. Too many good pubs in London!
Great to meet Simon and Rob...And Ash and the lads afterwards.

Venue was similar to The Pav in Cork, probably closer to Sir Henrys to be honest! And my shoes have the 'Sir Henrys' black gunk on them from dancing up the front too...
Home to Cork late last night, still recovering.

Re: Borderline London November 30th

02 Dec 2013 23:44

Great weekend in London, what a gig,ended up getting to bed at 6.00 am. As Rob said the lads got mobbed after the gig, great to see rows of people waiting to get stuff signed and photos,we'll deserved
Trust in the future is a great opening song!!!

Trust in the future
We are the Frank and Walter's
Little Dolls
Fashion Crisis
Plenty Times
Indie love song
Each tree
How can I exist
If I know
The parson
The model
Walters trip
After All
This is not a song
Indian Ocean

Tony Cochrane
Time we said goodnight (again song of the night)
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Re: Borderline London November 30th

04 Dec 2013 18:56

First Franks gig for me since the Anson Rooms, Bristol in '92. One of the best I've ever been to and we do a few. What made it for me apart from the band was the crowd. Met some really great people (Keith from Warwick and Dave from Twyford) are two I can remember.

Will make sure it's not 21 years until the next one and now have a back catalogue to catch up with. Can't wait.

Re: Borderline London November 30th

26 Dec 2013 00:25

hi shepglos,It's john from twyford,yes a brilliant night frank were deadly,some drink taken.
Hope we haven't frighten the franks away don't leave so long to next gig maybe Reading sub 89. next year hint hint
happy new year to one and all.

Re: Borderline London November 30th

27 Dec 2013 23:19

Dave/John it's nearly the same name :D Was a fantastic night and we're just waiting for dates now so our paths will cross sooner rather than later. Just been buying up the back catalogue for all the years we missed out on.

Happy new year to you and all Franks fans.

Re: Borderline London November 30th

17 May 2014 23:50

Fantastic gig