Acoustic Songs

Acoustic Songs

17 Jun 2014 23:58

I'm new to this forum although saw them play Sheffield in 91. Just catching up on what they have been up to and heard songs such as Little Dolls and Landslide- quality. Just wondered if there are any good quality acoustic sessions anyone can point me in the direction of please.
Many thanks :)

Re: Acoustic Songs

18 Jun 2014 00:05

hi eskimolee

for a start you'll probably find some acoustic stuff in the radio recordings section right here

and more in the live section here


Re: Acoustic Songs

18 Jun 2014 22:24

Hi eskimolee


One of the best acoustic shows is


Fred's, recording was done from the soundboard, amazing gig

Re: Acoustic Songs

20 Jun 2014 21:18

Good shout guys, thanks for your help!