96Fm Ticket Giveaway / Interview

96Fm Ticket Giveaway / Interview

14 Dec 2012 23:39

Loads of Tickets Given Away today, Buddy of mine won 2,

Listened all day and 1 Franks song they plays, Thought it would be a Franks Fest of tunes but Alas no. So much for a local station. My ears have not recovered yet!!

Mr. S

Re: 96Fm Ticket Giveaway

15 Dec 2012 09:58

Franks are live on air from the studio from 6pm tonight on the Green Room show. Hopefully I can tune in over the Internet!

15 Dec 2012 20:02

great interview! missed a few mins when computer decided to re-boot itself! anyone record it?

Re: 96Fm Ticket Giveaway

15 Dec 2012 20:53

good stuff!

just uploading it now

it'll be here in about 15 mins

scroll down to the end

Re: 96Fm Ticket Giveaway / Interview

15 Dec 2012 22:18

Cheers H. Great interview. Plus they must have played at least 5 franks tracks within a hour including the acoustic ones from the studio, Xmas song + Each tree!

Re: 96Fm Ticket Giveaway / Interview

16 Dec 2012 00:50

Thanks H, missed this today

Great to see the franks get a good play on 96fm

29th going to be some gig